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24 Charles   2002-08-25 07:29:59

Well, Anil and his friends have written off LGF as a "fringe site full of racist nutcases." They really miss the "pre-9/11" Charles, who they talk about as if they actually knew. Yawn.

Anil: I have to admit, I'm surprised you would have such a negative reaction to Dr. Ambati's article. I thought it was 100% positive, an inspirational example of someone expressing his love for his country. He even points out flaws; it's anything but blind racist jingoism. What does racial profiling or "Jewish terrorism" have to do with it?

If you want to join in the discussions, you're welcome. But guess what? You're actually going to encounter people here who will disagree with you and challenge you to defend your opinions. Are you cool with that? I suspect not, judging from the emotional non-sequiturs you've posted so far, and the accusations of racism you and your friends are so quick to throw out. But maybe you'll surprise me.

Yes, you'll find harsh comments here occasionally, even some that might be seen as racist. Earth to Anil: this is an open forum, and quite a popular one. Whose definition of racism would you like me to use, so I can police it well enough for you?

(And what is it about free speech that angers self-professed "liberals" so much that they have to reach for the delete button? Or demand that someone else do it for them?)

Speaking of racism, what do you think about the Friday sermons from the Arab world that call Jews the "sons of monkeys and pigs," and scream for the deaths of you and your friends? No problem with that? You'd prefer not to know?

On the profiling issue, if you had bothered to actually find my real opinion (and I know there's a lot here, but hey, I do have a search function) instead of reading something out of context and forming a snap opinion, you would have found that I do advocate profiling, but not only on a racial basis. I believe Middle Eastern men should come in for extra scrutiny, but not only because they're Middle Eastern; an effective profiling system would take into account their behavior, their history, their origins and destinations, what's in their passport, how new the passport is, who stamped their visa, how they answer questions, etc. etc. We've had several very interesting and enlightening discussions about profiling here at LGF.

But yes, I do think Middle Eastern men should be scrutinized more closely than 80-year old grannies in wheelchairs, or ex-candidates for President. Is that because I'm a big old racist?

No. It's because I don't want to watch any more planes crash into buildings. Ever again. In New York or anywhere else.

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