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206 Charles   2008-03-07 09:50:02

re: #205 antishock8

In all fairness, some of the comments here are pretty over-the-top, with yours truly at the front of some of the most testy. I've noticed a few websites/blogs dedicated to monitoring LGF and cataloguing the comments that are posted here. In both cases someone can cherrypick foul comments and use them as fodder.

Aside from the pro-Communist, pro-Islamist, vile anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism, conspiracy theories, threat-levying, historical whitewashing, and base insults directed at the Presidency the Kos Kids and other Leftist sites are alot like Conservative sites with their comments. ;)

I disagree categorically with that statement. The vitriol and hatred at left-wing sites like Kos and DU is in a class of its own, and it's very rare for comments like that to appear at LGF.

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