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102 Charles   2004-04-15 10:35:12

Anne Gwynne's name is not on the page linked above. It's unclear whether that section was written by Rachel herself -- and that's why I wrote:

Rachel is the only author listed on this page of messages from ISM members...

I deliberately did not attribute the words to Rachel Corrie, because it wasn't clear.

However -- there's nothing misleading about attributing the sentiments expressed in the quote above to ISM members. That's why they're in the Palestinian-funded ISM, after all.

And all you have to do is look at the photos of Corrie burning a mock flag, her face twisted in rage and hate, to know that she shared those sentiments.

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110 Charles   2004-04-15 13:00:23

1) I don't know that it wasn't Rachel Corrie. You're linking to the web sites of Palestinian propaganda groups, and I do not consider them to be definitive proof of anything; on sites like the Palestine Chronicle, lying is standard fare.

2) There's no need to clarify anything. I did not attribute the quote to Rachel Corrie, because (he wrote for the third time) it was unclear whether she wrote it or not. I wrote that her name was the only name on that page at Scoop, and this is true.

3) The larger point stands that the quote I printed above is absolutely representative of the philosophy and politics of the ISM.

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120 Charles   2004-04-15 14:28:23

It's very tempting to delete posts like the one above, which are a good illustration of how the left (and particularly the ISM left) deals with the issue of Corrie -- with lies, smears, exaggerations and distortions.

But I'll leave that one in place, even though it now risks being quoted for the next LGF-bashing survey. (Which may have been the reason for it being posted in the first place.)

By the way, Rachel Corrie was no teenager.

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19 Charles   2003-05-10 13:23:07

Oh yes -- and Balko is also a Rachel Corrie defender.

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