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15 Charles   2011-08-08 14:10:23

re: #12 Charleston Chew

Just to get the context straight, am I witnessing a disconnect between the speaker and the audience here? Is she saying "How dare they link this terrible downgrade to us," while her audience is communicating, "Hooray! We succeeded in creating this awesome downgrade!" Am I witnessing the speaker lady underestimating the level of crazy in her own tea party?

You betcha.

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1023 Charles   2011-08-09 10:15:56

re: #629 RogueOne

The AGW crowd gets caught routinely mis-representing reality and calling it "science!". When you've led for decades with doom and gloom, millions dead, billions dislocated, "we're all gonna die!", and then it turns out the warming is barely within the margin of error on the lowest scale should be hard to get worked up when the other side uses the same tactics.

My problem with the AGW crowd has always been when they say "we're 95-99% certain!". Knowing how little we actually know and knowing that every year we learn half a dozen things about our planet that are counter to what we makes my bullshit meter go off every time I hear it.

Your bullshit meter is calibrated backwards.

Why don't you ever apply the same standard of proof to the bullshit that right wing propagandists spew about climate change? You just recited a list of dumb talking points, so I'll challenge you to to produce ONE example of climate scientists "misrepresenting reality." That's utter crap.

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1027 Charles   2011-08-09 10:17:36

And as for the complaints that Newsweek picked the "worst" picture for this cover -- face it. This is what Bachmann looks like, and it's not hard at all to find more examples. She's deranged.

The picture is dead-on accurate.

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1071 Charles   2011-08-09 10:33:57

re: #648 RogueOne

The warming is barely within the margin of error on the lowest scale. Did anyone say during the last 20 years that "It might barely get warmer"? No. All we heard was the stuff designed to scare people into compliance. I don't blame them for doing it necessarily, fear has been the best sales pitch since before humans had a written language, but that doesn't make it right.

This is complete nonsense. You don't have any idea what you're talking about -- you're just parroting right wing propaganda.

Why do you let liars and ideologues do your thinking for you?

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