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23 Charles   2008-12-27 15:04:08

re: #15 Killgore Trout

Hey Charles, They updated to Koskiz diary with a link to Electronic Infitada (always a good source for information) and a tribute to you...Israel's ongoing war on Palestinian self-determination

Thou shalt not insult St. Pancake!

I've never understood what the point of that quote is supposed to be, but in some dark corners of the web, moonbats recycle it endlessly. I think it's supposed to prove I'm a racist because I used the word "Caucasian," referring to Rachel Corrie, who was, of course, Caucasian. Is that a racist code word now?

The point I made was that she was being exploited as a "martyr," by the ISM and Hamas/Fatah, specifically because she was more Western in appearance and presumably more appealing to the Western audience. There's racism in that, sure -- on the part of the groups exploiting Corrie's death.

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54 Charles   2003-11-13 05:30:24

"dancing cadaver" wrote:

Isn't it a tad bit hypocritical of you to use [bigoted word]s, Moonbats, [bigoted word]s- and yet bear the cloak of virture when it comes to others of your choice?

I have never used the words "[bigoted word]s" or "[bigoted word]s." Not once. And "moonbat" is a general term used to describe someone who is nuts -- not specifically an Arab or a Muslim.

So Arafish is not a slur on the race of Arab, which many jews are?

No, Arafish is a slur on Arafat, and only Arafat. And Arabs, by the way, are not a "race".

And Farakhan what do I call him in loathing?

I prefer "Screwy Louie" myself. But you go ahead and use racial slurs if that floats your boat.

The minute you lose respect for your 'enemy' is when you lose the ability to care or tune into how they think or operate. WWII US hated Japan vice versa but the respect stayed on throughout the whole mess.

You've got to be joking. Respect for the monsters who perpetrated the Bataan Death March, and the Rape of Nanking, and the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor -- among many other atrocities? I don't know what planet you're on, but on this one the US had very little "respect" for the Japanese during World War II. Now that they've built a peaceful society with respect for OTHERS, they are worthy of respect themselves.

It's not high-minded to have "respect" for those who have no respect for you, or to have "tolerance" for those who are intolerant. It's just stupid.

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53 Charles   2010-04-23 15:00:23

re: #48 Thanos

Sites we just don't link to period.(Charles, please fix if I get any of these guesses wrong)

If you absolutely must then use the google cache link and file it under either "wingnuts" or "moonbats".

Note: stalker sites will not be named, and even the cache link to those usually gets deleted from my observations)

Atlas shrugs/GoV/Brussels Journal/Jihad Watch axis (and I really mean AXIS) sites. If you are in doubt, check the blogroll of the site you are linking from ... you will find the same blogbling and sites listed among most of those.

Big(dot) anything from Breitbart. Since is still in sidebar, I assume straight news links from there are still ok.

Stormfront and other hate sites like Stormfront. There's a spectrum out there from the hardcore to the lightweight (Hit and Run and Hot Air end up at the Lightweight end, while Stormfront and Rense etc. are at the heavyweight racist end with Lew Rockwell, VDARE Takimag, Chronicles etc in between.)

Hard core Islamist and radical Jihadi sites, the list of terror groups here is way to long to name them all, but they are all easy to recognize.

Sex and porn sites -- on softcore use the rule: if you can't watch it at work then don't link it here without NSFW forewarning.

That's a pretty accurate list. You didn't mention Weird Nut Drooly -- I keep going back and forth on whether to disallow them, because they're so whacked out they're occasionally highly amusing.

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253 Charles   2009-02-02 15:05:18

re: #235 zombie

Oh, that wireless shutter release is sweet! I want one of those (Note, however, Charles, that Amazon lists them as "unavailable" at the moment). Of course, I'd have to get a high-end Canon to make it work, but still...

The reason I fantasize about a wireless shutter release is because of a longstanding plan to have a camera secretly attached to the top of a protest sign, perhaps disguised inside a Teddy Bear or something like that. Then I can walk around among the moonbats and jihadists snapping away merrily -- from an overhead vantage point, even better -- and no one would have a clue, because I'd be pushing the shutter remote surreptitiously (perhaps also disguised on the handle of the sign)!

Oh man, if only I had this system set up back in 2003.

Wireless shutter releases are a great tool for photographers. Didn't notice that one was unavailable -- but there are lots of others.

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