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36 Charles   2011-05-13 18:19:58

Sarah Palin just retweeted this -- a crazy blogger's post that says liberals can't possibly be true patriots because they don't love this country with a blind unquestioning love. Good grief.

Twitter / @Sarah Palin: Oh, you captured it!Love o ...

Oh, you captured it!Love of country...MT"@streeterryan: @JonahNRO wrote very Chestertonian Goldberg today on patriotism [Link:]

It's Chestertonian!

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131 Charles   2011-06-02 09:26:54

re: #125 hugh59

Charles, liberals laughed at fake stories about George W Bush all the time.

So go ahead and be just as bad, if that's what floats your boat. I think it's pretty creepy to do that, myself.

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91 Charles   2011-06-03 11:22:15

re: #87 hugh59

Yesterday, you said you didn't care whether Weiner was being dishonestly attacked or not, because you were just enjoying it so much.

And you accuse liberals of "nastiness?"

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15 Charles   2011-07-16 18:45:57

The main political hashtags are #tcot (Top Conservatives On Twitter), #tlot (Top Demonic Liberals On Twitter), and #p2 (progressives).

I've sorta stopped using the #tcot hashtag myself, because there's so much ugliness in that stream.

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