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184 Charles   2005-08-26 16:05:22

No, I'm not changing any headlines. The piece quoted by one of our resident idiotarians is so deliberately over the top that the intent is quite obvious -- to set up the coming "death" of the bogus father.

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7 Charles   2008-07-07 12:25:52

re: #4 gop_patriot

I don't see the anti-idiotarians flippy triangle thing. Am I just overlooking it, or has it been merged with something else?

It's called "Blogs" now.

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61 Charles   2003-09-30 09:47:13

Buck: heh. You'll have to get in line for that; you have a lot of competition.

But I have added your blog to our anti-idiotarian links.

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33 Charles   2002-10-06 18:48:33

Bill Peschel wrote:

If you click to the front page, you'll also find the NJ poet laureate's ode to 9/11. A class act Web site all round.

Yes, whenever I need to see what the idiotarians are saying, a quick trip to Counterpunch does the trick.

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