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25 Charles   2004-04-04 09:49:55

Glen: I just scared my cat by laughing out loud. If she has permanent trauma, it's your fault.

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261 Charles   2008-11-03 19:35:40

The assholes of which I speak are not newbies, unfortunately.

Just scared people lashing out.

Well, they can lash out somewhere else.

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1 Charles   2010-03-09 17:50:46

This one made me laugh out loud, which is rare. Scared the neighbor's Pekingese.

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51 Charles   2004-04-06 09:54:12

I love it! "Used to be a Republican," eh?

That's almost as funny as Iowahawk's satire.

Oooh! The left is watching us! I'm so scared! Please don't let them get me! The leeeft!

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