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207 Charles   2004-03-23 06:56:06

PLEASE NOTE: "Alhamedi Alanezi" and "Sol Rosenblum" are the same person, posting with a British account. Now banned.

I reeeaallly hate when the trolls use multiple nicknames to make it look like they have support. It's one of the few things that will bring on an instant ban.

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45 Charles   2004-05-17 09:33:54

"...right wing ditto monkeys at the Washington Post ..."

I think we have our most hilarious LLL comment of the day.

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107 Charles   2004-09-10 07:36:48

citizensoldier wrote:

Charles--I know this is probably a stupid question but a LLL friend of the family says that a document scanned into PDF is automatically formatted to Microsoft Word specifications...that's a bunch of bull right?

Right. A scanned document is imported into Acrobat as a picture. An image. No formatting whatsoever is applied to it.

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79 Charles   2007-10-15 12:52:38

re: #69 Killgore Trout

re: #62 Thanos

With the absurdities from the LLL it's always tough to tell. I often can't tell koskidz satire from the real thing.

The only thing that was obviously off-kilter in that "satire" was the date.

But in those GWU posters, the phoniness could not have been more obvious, because you just don't see conservative groups doing that kind of stuff.

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