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454 Charles   2007-10-08 20:53:49

re: #414 brandonf

I support Dr. Dobson 100%. The lesser of two evils is an evil. Anyone who supports abortion will not get my vote. All of you left Republicans out there are operating on a skeleton of principles. Fiscal conservatives and that's it. Everything else is fair game. You can use all the nasty names you want but Dobson is a good man and right. Hannity should be ashamed of himself for promoting Giuliani. I've noticed so many LGF'ers comments would put them in the Daily Kos camp if not for their hatred of Muslim Terrorists. That's about all the substance many of the comments here have. No principles other that defending some kind of existential freedom. Liberals on steroids is the best I can say for so many of the sick pot head comments I've read here.

But then, you're in favor of feudalism.

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505 Charles   2007-11-25 09:50:01

re: #499 jeppo

So now the anti-jihadist movement is dividing into two camps: The conservatives and realists like Bostom and the other participants at the Counterjihad Summit, and the liberals and utopians like Phillips and LGF. The former are concerned with defending our 2000-year old Judeo-Christian civilization, while the latter defend the pieties of 21st Century politically correct multiculturalism. The former are true revolutionaries aiming at stopping the Islamization of the West and overthrowing Islam's Leftist enablers. The latter are partisans of the liberal status quo, hoping that somehow Islam will moderate itself. Serious anti-jihadists will stand with Bostom and the realists as it becomes more and more apparent that Phillips and the utopians offer no solutions, only milquetoast PC platitudes.

When you've finished your campaign of ethnic cleansing, and killed your millions of people, you'll have the utopia about which you're fantasizing, jeppo. The real utopians are those like you, who believe you have the right to uproot and kill millions of people, and live in wet dreams of "revolution." Stupid beyond belief.

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480 Charles   2008-03-09 18:52:54

re: #477 Peter Verkooijen

People like Pat Condell have the best chance to mobilize Europeans to stand up to islam. Theo van Gogh was similarly anti-religion/nihilistic. They are radical liberals in the European sense. You'd be wasting your time looking for American-style Christian conservative allies in Europe.

Excellent point. Two thumbs up for that.

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112 Charles   2008-05-07 10:25:26

re: #82 LanceKates

leaving the eternity question out of it, I'm just annoyed that people who believe in Creation (not all christians do) are belittled by people who do not...

I don't walk up to people who believe in Evolution and say "What a stupid person you are. You're no different than A Troofer or the Terrorists."

And yet, I've had people say that of me. For believing that God Created.

Instead, I am told how stupid I am and how Creationists are always ranting against the good and innocent Evolutionists.

It reminds me of the liberals calling the conservatives racist for not supporting Obama.

I haven't seen one person call creationists "stupid" in this thread. It would be nice if the discussion could take place without thin-skinned exaggeration.

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