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155 Charles   2009-05-09 11:28:07

It gets tiring to go through the same arguments again and again, but the simple fact is that Nazis (National Socialism) were NOT a left-wing movement. They began as a right-wing party, coopted other far right parties in Germany, and all of their alliances were with right wing parties. The use of the word "Socialist" in their name does not equate to "left wing" or Marxism at all.

This is a completely uncontroversial view. There are very few reputable historians who don't identify the Nazis as right wing. There's a trend of revision going around that tries to deny any right wing connections at all -- exemplified by Jonah Goldberg's "Liberal Fascism" -- but it's not working, and it's not going to work, because it simply isn't true.

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200 Charles   2009-05-11 17:34:40

re: #195 rtaglienti

Are these guys really fascist's? Or are they racist. nationalistic. etc. Historically fascism was a left wing movement.

That's completely false. Historically, fascism was a right wing movement. The Third Reich Nazis began as a right wing party, coopted other right wing parties to gain national power, and made alliances with right wing parties. All of their enemies were left wing parties.

National Socialism is an extreme right wing ideology. Nearly every reputable historian agrees on this point.

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628 Charles   2009-04-18 13:36:27

re: #624 bluemerle

Charles, I did not miss the word "extreme." Calling it an extreme form of right-wing philosophy obviously indicates you believe it to be on the fringe of the right wing, but the underlying assumption that it is an offshoot of right wing philosophy does not logically follow.

Neo-Nazism and the National Socialist creeps are right wing extremists. They identify themselves as right wing; it's easy to verify this, just check out their own statements. They are CERTAINLY NOT left wing extremists by any sense of the term.

It's pointless to argue about this, because I've come to realize that a lot of people have blinders on.

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630 Charles   2009-04-18 13:44:12

A question for you folks who want to keep arguing that neo-Nazis are "left wing:"

Are there any extremist groups you WOULD call "right wing?" Any at all? Or do you simply deny that such a thing as "right wing extremism" exists?

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