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1297 Charles   2008-12-12 21:01:21

The haters at Gates of Vienna, by the way, are freaking out and spinning like dervishes about the anti-jihad conference in Israel, to which Vlaams Belang was disinvited.

According to one of my sources, Filip DeWinter has been raging at me recently.

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1312 Charles   2008-12-12 21:13:46

re: #1306 medaura18586

Slightly OT, but I am curious:

Have there been any Albanian nationalists on LGF, as in, the Albanian versions of 1389? I recently got a very ugly comment (I didn't approve it, of course) from one such type on my blog, calling me some awful names for, basically, not being a nationalist freak. He didn't advocate genocide or any such thing, but it was damn ugly nonetheless, and I am wondering what the concentration of such freaks is in the blogosphere. You get nuts of all stripes and colors dropping their demented bombs on LGF, so I wonder whether you've ever encountered and banned one of these.

I don't think so. But the haters don't always make it obvious which club they belong to.

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550 Charles   2009-02-04 13:55:25

re: #544 grenma


I'm flattered that you took the time to answer, but the level of vituperation that you seem to reserve here for Intelligent Design just stumps me. The normal conversational tone morphs into paranoid language about deceptive evildoers trying to set back Western Culture 500 years. The black hat/white hat dichotomy you paint here is so removed from reality, not to mention the irony inherent in painting the fairly reasonable and not all secretive "Wedge Document" your own personal Protocols. I have spoken to and seen Philip Johnson, Eugenie Scott and many others in this debate and can honestly say you are either a very poor judge of character or just "blinded by science". I also fully understand that from a materialist worldview ID must seem crazy, but the rush to judgment (and the burning desire for it to be so) on the "truth" of Evolution seems just as crazy on your side. And while you love to ridicule people for blaming everything from Hitler to teen pregnancy on Evolution, it cannot be argued that the sociological effects of a theory that strikes at the very core of Judeo-Christian morality have been vast and, to my mind at least, unwelcome.

Right. I'm vituperative, and you're just telling it like it is when you call me "paranoid" and "blinded by science," and compare me to Jew-haters promoting the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

And you do this while ranting at everyone here about how "arrogant" they are. What a piece of work. Can't say I'm surprised though -- it's a pretty common creationist attitude.

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94 Charles   2009-02-09 10:58:03

re: #45 jaunte

Hate speech laws appear to have the effect of keeping some people's hate inside, and close to the boiling point.

I think it's worse than that. Criminalizing speech doesn't change the hatred that causes the speech. Instead, it acts as a sort of evolutionary pressure (connections!) and forces the haters to hide their agenda and work undercover to achieve their goals. Rather than wiping out hatred, it ends up making it much worse, by making the haters smarter.

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