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40 Charles   2003-06-25 16:31:30

Gordon the Official LGF Idiotarian Mascot wrote:

Charles, are your Rachel Corrie pics photo-shopped too?

What do you think, Gordie? Please explain, and provide links to prove your theories.

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38 Charles   2003-03-16 11:37:56

In addition to the comment Addison notes above, also see this page at the site, where Rachel Corrie is listed as the contact for the Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace:


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113 Charles   2004-04-15 13:13:49

William Swann: so you consider the ISM web site and Palestine Chronicle to be legitimate, unquestionable sources?

Again, there's nothing to correct. I did not write that the quote above was written by Rachel Corrie, just noted that her name is the only one on the page with that quote, under a title: "Courage and More Martyrs."

However, I will add a note to mention the assertions by you and "Hipocrite [sic]".

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20 Charles   2003-07-07 09:24:04

Please note: The bulldozer in the Rachel Corrie incident was not destroying anyone's house that day. It was clearing brush -- nothing more. The story about destroying a doctor's house is just more of the pro-Palestinian spin.

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