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33 Charles   2011-04-02 17:57:01

If you want to see just how deranged the commenting sections of right wing blogs have gotten, just go read any of them. Gateway Pundit, Hot Air, Shrieking Harpy -- all of them are packed with comments calling for genocide against Muslims.

#2 April 2, 2011 at 8:32 amMark1957 commented:

There is no such thing as a moderate muslim, only those who commit atrocities like this and those that keep their mouths shut when atrocities happen. The only good muslim is a dead one.


#9 April 2, 2011 at 8:41 amBig L commented:

the Islams are enraged because they spent their youth crapping on their mom and theiradult male family members tapping them in the a**. Imo, of course. But all sexual repression and abuse. Also they are nuts.and the Imams havea scam going to rake in the dough.Go to Titty bars with the money in the west.and we have Rules for Engagement that prevents bombing these savages.Everything is Marquis-de-Queensbury rulesŁAfghan should have been,province by privince. a flat,glass-topped coffe table.Then can patrol for 50 miles, anything pops head up:Bang or ŁBudda-Budda-BudddaŁ


#11 April 2, 2011 at 8:54 amar05075 commented:

Islaminals donŁt need an excuse to murder, theyŁre disgusting vermin and ALL of them should be shot on site. Everywhere and anywhere. Now, IŁve got to get back to my bonfire of the rag book.


#41 April 2, 2011 at 2:24 pmBilly commented:

the muslim rats need to be exterminated


Grimcargo said in reply to Frank...What you can conclude is, this is evil impersonating human beings. They can not be reasoned with nor trusted to live in civilization. All you can do is herd them. Place all of them on some isolated island together and hope they kill each other.


Gleaner1 said...Pastor Jones is a very brave Christian, and a clear example of the action we all need to take in order to confront and destroy that affliction on the minds of backward men, islam. That we, the free men of the West will, by degree, have to fight to defend our families and freedom is becoming more widely understood. Christians, be of good heart, you have nothing to fear, you're cause is just, the Lord of hosts is with you. Gleaner 1.


patrick said...when is the world going to wake up to the fact that islam is not compatable with civilized society. It can't get along with any other religion or peoples. we must all band together and get ride of it before it destroys us all


fern said...They are not human, they are cruel evil demonic monsters.Who are they trying to kid, as if they need an excuse to kill and behead innocent women, men and children!There is no place in this world for this sick cult.


Blue Collar Todd said...Of course Charles Johnson at LGF is blaming Terry Jones.




Rob said...I am so bloody sick of watching these cave people murder, desecrate and destroy. They only have one reaction and that is to kill if we anger them. Well I say enough is enough!The west needs to reply in kind to these barbaric little savages.When these crazed muslims attack a compound and kill people the response should be twice as destructive with a larger body count.Christians/Jews and western people are being targeted and killed all over the world by these thugs and it needs to be stopped at any cost!!!A crusade needs to be organized and launched before it is to late.Some of you may think I am being to extreme or maybe suggesting the un-suggestible, but what are our options? I will not be a slave to islam and I will not stand idly by while others are.

God bless us all.


Bohemond1096 said...Why waste time burning korans when we should be nukeing Mekka during the hajj?Cut off the head of the snake and the body dies..

It goes on and on and on like this.

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