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120 Charles   2009-09-22 13:13:46

re: #109 Killgore Trout

I was reading up on the latest blogoshpere drama regarding LGF. It seems RS McCain is joining forces with Eurofascist supporting blogs. People like Buchanan would love this to translate into real world cooperation between the Republican party and ethnic nationalists in Europe. It's something to keep an eye on.

RS McCain has been a Vlaams Belang supporter for a while now. He's trying to capitalize on this feeding frenzy to legitimize Eurofascist groups -- "See! Charles Johnson is eeevilll, and you can't trust what he says about the wonderful nice people of Vlaams Belang! They're great! Come on, invite them in!"

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350 Charles   2009-10-02 19:01:08

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362 Charles   2009-12-22 17:24:48

re: #361 windsagio

somebody had better be reaaallly patient...

I didn't say I'd be holding my breath for it...

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49 Charles   2010-09-23 17:47:57

re: #30 Stanley Sea

Sorry to go OT, but Charles, something is up with the site. Pop ups like crazy, the screen size has reduced to smalll.

I checked my google chrome, all appears normal, pop ups blocked etc.

I'm experimenting with some new ads -- but here's a quick fix for Chrome. Go to:

Preferences->Under The Hood->Privacy->Content Settings

and click "Ask me when a site tries to set data". The next time you load LGF you'll see a whole bunch of prompts for the various cookies that need to be set for ads, web services, etc. etc., and just OK all of them. Chrome remembers them so you only have to do it once.

After you do this, any popups that might appear will only show up once in a 24-hour period.

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