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32 Charles   2007-10-22 11:04:23

re: #23 zombie

If you go to the "about" page of the "National Project to Defend Critical Thinking and Dissent in Academia" site you can spot the Communist memes and verbiage. They were founded to support Ward Churchill.

A little birdie tells me that they're connected to "World Can't Wait," the Maoist cult-goup.

Yes, they're especially active in the Churchill and Finkelstein cases. The domain is registered to an "Anne McGrath," by the way. Not sure if it's this Anne McGrath, but it seems likely.

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678 Charles   2008-08-13 22:21:04

re: #675 wolfie

I was not expressing my own views. I was expressing the views of Gary Nash, the chief arbiter of history standards for the UC admissions system. He's a regualr Ward Churchill and thinks natural science is a Eurocentric plot to destroy minorities. You know the spiel.

I've already asked you for a link to prove this statement, and you ignored it.

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22 Charles   2008-09-13 16:03:56

re: #21 zombie

That is completely terrifying. That should be front-page news everywhere. Obama repeated the most loathsome of far-left canards, that our colonialist foreign policy and "poverty" were the root causes of 9/11 -- exactly the same argument put forward by Ward Churchill, Juan Cole, and the absolute worst denizens of the very bottom of the left-leaning barrel.

Obama must have thought that the "chickens coming home to roost" thesis would become the prevailing mainstream thesis, and got caught turning left when the entire parade behind him turned right.

Had this story here in July:


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