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4 Charles   2003-04-20 07:32:13

Jacob: as I wrote to you in email when you asked me to post that pile of garbage here, you've gotta be kidding. An article from Indymedia saying "it's all about oooiiilll?"

Did you even look at the rest of that 'ratville' site? Michael Rivero, Norman Solomon, Howard Zinn, and Marc Herold?


Next you'll be posting links from

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56 Charles   2003-06-10 08:57:42

#50, who accurately self-identifies as a "Trolll," is the latest Jew-hater to slink in here from the UK. This one is in Birmingham.

I'm starting to think there must be some kind of Muslim "action alert" about LGF going out in Britain. There are too many of these freaks hitting us in the last few days for it to be a coincidence.

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29 Charles   2003-09-20 07:40:51

Donna V. wrote:

O Devilish Lizard King, supplying the IDF with the IP's of LLL trolls, I salute your scaly splendor! I think we should encourage this belief as much as possible - the Nazimedia dipshits will be too afraid to come here and post.

Heh. Those poor dumb kidz at Nazimedia. Little do they realize the terrible truth that lurks behind their laughable accusation! Bwahahaha!

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78 Charles   2003-09-30 07:22:13

NOTE: comment #39, from a person who thoughtfully self-identified as "LLL Moonbat" and proceeded to tell us all that our liberties are being eroded by an increasingly fascistic Bushitler dictatorship, was posted from the University of Ghent in Belgium.

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