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316 Charles   2008-11-12 17:39:10

re: #300 Thanos

That's one of the problems with Europe, banning of the hate signs and groups actually helps disguise who the evil ones are. I'd much rather have the nazis able to display whatever simply so the hate groups and haters could be clearly and easily ID'ed.

Absolutely. This is one big reason why neo-Nazis are marginalized in the US -- because we don't try to ban them. Their idiocy is plain to see, and the vast majority of normal people are revolted by it.

But in Europe, by criminalizing groups and books, they're actually creating a sort of evolutionary pressure on the fascists; they're forced to learn how to hide their agenda, and temper their language, and get smarter about their tactics. Vlaams Belang's courting of Jews is a great example. It's a deliberate tactic to gain legitimacy and the fascist's true goal: power.

One thing that criminalizing them definitely does not do: change them or their ideologies.

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568 Charles   2008-12-04 08:38:54

re: #567 jaunte

I don't think I've ever seen arizona9, DanThePainter, dcbatlle, rboa, RJ77, or winston06 ever post a comment on these threads, but they often seem to show up to ding their opposition to the whole discussion.Maybe they're not skilled at typing.

That's the silent evolution-hating crew. All they do is ding down posts on evolution.

I urge everyone who likes these posts to hit the + button, because it really pisses off the haters.

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1119 Charles   2008-12-09 18:05:21

re: #971 Irish Rose

Nominations have opened for the 2008 Jihad Watch Watch Awards.


Guess whos' being nominated (repeatedly) for American Dhimmi of the Year 2008?

/un freaking believable

Robert has allied himself with haters. And they're polluting his blog -- the blog I talked him into, and created for him, and then promoted -- with their juvenile, hateful crap. And he's apparently fine with that.

The reason? I smell money.

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458 Charles   2008-12-10 19:45:18

re: #420 Irish Rose

Sorry for breaking in OT people, but I just have to say it:

Robert Spencer is a despicable person, and a world class asshole.

If I'm banned for saying it, then so be it.I have absolutely zero respect for people like him.

Sad. Somewhere amongst the hatred and the haters who've taken over his website, he may have a tiny kernel of shame for the way he's behaving.

Or maybe not.

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