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4 charles   2001-12-03 09:26:38


Do you own any books by Noam Chomsky?

Just curious.

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75 Charles   2003-07-16 05:55:45

The top item on the New Statesman site right now is "Great Thinkers of Our Time - Noam Chomsky".

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451 Charles   2004-07-27 17:52:54

"Truth to power!" She said, "Truth to power!"

Noam Chomsky is grinning.

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17 Charles   2003-02-08 16:43:26

dennisw wrote:

I despise Noam Chomsky but I doubt he owns four boats. One or two perhaps.

Yes, it's true; the anti-capitalist Noambot actually owns only two boats. (The thread linked above has the details.)

But I'm sure he only uses these boats for legitimate revolutionary purposes.

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